Bedside Pressure Mats

Bedside Pressure Mats for Falling or Wandering

Seniors are prone to falling or wandering more than most other age groups. They are also more likely to experience severe consequences from falling or wandering; because of age-related changes, seniors are more vulnerable to broken bones, hematomas, or brain injuries. These injuries can happen in a split second and cause a senior to be trapped on the ground. Additionally, seniors who are prone to wandering—because of dementia or another reason—may risk getting themselves into danger or trouble.

Bedside Pressure Mats Provide Protection From These Risks

The SafetyChoiceⓇ by Comfort Keepers bedside pressure mats can offer protection from wandering and/or falling. These mats are placed next to your loved one’s bed or in other high-risk areas (such as below the stairs). When a sudden amount of pressure is applied to the mat, it sends a signal to our around-the-clock monitoring center. One of our representatives will be able to communicate with your loved one through the medical alert console and assess the situation. We’ll then send for help as needed—whether it’s emergency services, a family member, caregiver, or neighbor. Our representative will stay on the line until help arrives to ensure safety.

If your loved one is at risk of falling, sleep walking, or wandering, our bedside pressure mats are a simple way to provide safety and security. Contact us to schedule an in-home consultation with a SafetyChoiceⓇ expert. We’ll go over how to use the bedside pressure mats, where to place them, and how to monitor and track usage online.

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